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Disputatio aims at publishing first-rate articles and discussion notes on all aspects of analytical philosophy, but especially those dealing with current issues in the philosophies of language, logic, and mind, and also in epistemology and metaphysics, written in English or Portuguese. The discussion notes need not be on a paper originally published in our journal. Articles of a purely exegetical or historical character will not be published. Discussions of papers either published by Disputatio or elsewhere are welcome.

Manuscripts with no more than 7,000 words should be typed, and will not be returned. They should also be prepared for anonymous refereeing. Authors are encouraged to submit articles by e-mail (please quote your paper's title). If submitting by regular mail authors must enclose an electronic version. Authors of accepted articles will be asked to prepare a final electronic version in accordance with Disputatio's style. When a contribution is accepted the author will receive proofs in PDF format by e-mail. The author must check these carefully and send her comments within five working days to the managing editor.

Manuscripts are accepted for review under the understanding that the work submitted for publication has not been published elsewhere, that it is not under consideration for publication elsewhere, and that it will not be submitted for publication elsewhere unless the editors of Disputatio have rejected it.

Disputatio is published twice a year, in November and May, both on paper and the Internet.

All material published in Disputatio is fully copyrighted. It may be printed or photocopied for private or classroom purposes, but it may not be published elsewhere without the author's and Disputatio's written permission. The authors own copyright of articles, book reviews and critical notices. Disputatio owns other materials. If in doubt, please contact Disputatio or the authors.

Special issues

Disputatio also accepts proposals for special issues of edited volumes on specific relevant topics or philosophical problems. A detailed proposal is to be made to the editors of the journal, including a brief description of the topic, and why it is relevant, information about the editor or editors of the special issue, and of the contributors. The proposal should also contain an abstract or summary of the papers to be included. The editors of the special number of the journal must guarantee that the papers included are suitably refereed. The editorial committee has the final word on the acceptance of the included articles.

Book reviews

Although book reviews are usually commissioned, we also welcome proposals for reviews of recent books.

Disputatio publishes reviews of books on any philosophical topic within the analytic tradition, broadly construed.

Books and book review proposals should be sent to the book reviews editor:

Centro de Filosofia da Universidade de Lisboa
Faculdade de Letras
Alameda da Universidade
1600-214 Lisboa, Portugal


Submissions and mail are to be sent to the managing editor:

Centro de Filosofia da Universidade de Lisboa
Faculdade de Letras
Alameda da Universidade
1600-214 Lisboa, Portugal